Carson City Morgan Dollars

The Carson City Mint was established in order to produce silver coins from the famous Comstock Lode. These coins with the "CC" mint mark have also held a special place for collectors due to their rich historical background. Or particular interest are the Morgan Silver Dollars which were produced in sometimes small mintages, but released decades later through sales conducted by the General Services Administration (GSA).

Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar

The Morgan Dollar was struck at Carson City during the years 1878 to 1885, and then resumed for the final years of 1889 to 1893. This makes for a total of thirteen different date issues. During this time, the mintage levels ranged from a high of 2,309,041 in 1890 to a low of only 238,000 in 1885. Beyond the mintage levels, the ultimate rarity of each issue is significantly impacted by the contents of a hoard of silver dollars distributed between 1972 and 1980.

A hoard of nearly 3 million silver dollars were held back from public release and after the passage of legislation would be distributed by the GSA through a series of mail bid sales. The majority of these silver dollars carried the "CC" mint mark and were highly desired by collectors due to their low mintages and uncirculated condition.

The GSA hoard would forever change the landscape of rarity for the series. Some issues which had incredibly low mintages were heavily represented in the hoard, making the issues more common. Other issues were largely absent, solidify or enhancing their rarity.

Carson City Morgan Dollars can be pursued ungraded, in third party graded holders from firms such as PCGS and NGC, or within the plastic holders used by the GSA for distribution of the famous hoard. Many issues are available in pristine condition. The most significant rarity of the run is the 1889-CC Silver Dollar due to the low survival rate of the issue.